Chimi Poe Jorkhang / Dri-zhem Poi Incense

Driz-zhem Poi incense is another Bhutanese standard and while it’s roughly in the typical Bhutanese red or purple style, it doesn’t have the lighter hue or the same sort of composition and tensile strength that many of those incenses do and seems perhaps a bit more traditionally Tibetan. However, it still has a lot of the same sort of berry and sweeter highlights and a touch of that almost tobacco-like herbal quality most of the style exhibits, but it seems like it has a bit more of a woody base. Like most of these incenses, Dri-zhem Poi is quite friendly and while this is perhaps not the most premium of the style, it has an overall gentle profile that makes it fairly perfect as a first-time Bhutanese entry, in fact it reminds me of the more common Tibetan imports you often find in the US at incense houses. I almost want to use the word generic, except such a term lends itself to mediocre and I don’t think that’s what you’ll find here. But it doesn’t quite have some of the wilder or denser qualities of some of the Bhutanese incenses we’ve covered over recent weeks. In fact it might even be instructive to try this one first before moving to those to get some idea of the gentle scaling of this type of scent. My experiences with Bhutanese incense still show most of them in a very similar range, so if I was to still pick one I might go for the Lhawang Driden first before moving laterally to a stick like this.

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