Tun-Da Village / N-M Jewel of Ancient Incense

I previously covered Tun-Da Village’s Master Incense, so we can assume the N-M Jewel of Ancient Incense is essentially their #2 blend. At $7 a roll, it’s almost impossible to knock a Tibetan incense of even, what, standard quality, but this may be a touch better than that. On the gift box page, we’re given clove and spices as the only ingredients, although they’re probably used in a moderate amount and not over the top like say the Kathok Monastery’s King of Incense. Anyway there’s no question this is a pleasant blend and maybe not a bad idea as a Tibetan starter incense as it’s super friendly, super affordable and not inclusive of any of the more dangerous notes you might find in some other Tibetan incenses. It’s got a bit of the mild corn chip sort of scent mixed in with the spices and a bit of tanginess and herbal quality too. There’s even some intriguing mild floral in the mix in there somewhere. It has surprisingly good definition for its price and a touch of woodiness to wrap it all up. Most of all it’s more art in balance than wowing you with any particular aspect of its profile. Monastery incenses is often the first link I go to at incense-traditions.ca, but honestly the village incenses are solid across the board. And the next Tibetan installment will include the last one on that page!

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