Zurkhar Herbal Incense

Zurkhar Herbal Incense includes “37 types of herbal and therapeutic ingredients which include red and white sandalwoods, saffron and nutmeg.” So basically a fairly in the pocket Tibetan for sure. It’s interesting because the most central scent I notice isn’t really any of these things, it’s really the concentration of the other woods in the blend, probably the juniper, cedar and mild evergreen qualities. Around these I notice the sandalwoods a bit more and then outside of this the spices. Strangely the saffron doesn’t seem quite as heavy or noticeable as it usually is in incenses that list it. So although this is the mild and woody incense it’s advertised as, it’s also a little bit on the campfire side, just not harsh enough to make that a pejorative. I will say though that this is different to the salty-tangy Tun-Da blends and the more evergreen Aba Prefecture incenses, it’s much closer to Nepali incenses except the commonly imported Nepalis will not wow you with distinct and quality incense notes like this one will. I find Zurkhar mostly fascinating because it’s a bit of a chameleon and has a few other notes it likes to surprise you with. This one’s a bit of a work of art, I’m not sure it’s herbal in the sense I usually think of it, but it’s certainly quite pleasant. And under $10 it’s nicely priced too.


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