Chimi Poe Jorkhang / Soothing Incense

I’ve recently covered a couple, more conventional length Bhutanese incenses by Chimi Poe Jorkhang here, but they also do this incredibly wee bundle of incense called Soothing Incense. I am at first struck by the confidence in the length of the sticks, in the sense that these short sticks should absolutely do the trick with little to no fuss. Unsurprisingly this is an incense that is roughly in what I called the Agar 31 range (although this claims to have 21 ingredients), a type of incense that seems fairly common in Tibet. Other incenses in this range include a stick like say Long Du Relaxing Incense (also very short), TPN’s An Shen Tranquility Incense (less confident I guess), and Mindroling Soothing Incense. There’s a whole host of these types that have been reviewed here in the past and are now no longer available as well. They all have something of a low grade tangy aloeswood in front (although it’s probably just a touch on this one), are somewhat airy and mild, and as far as I can tell seem to have some mellowing effect that might be similar to, say, homeopathic medicine or perhaps suggestion. I do genuinely like this style although I find the Chimi to be a bit more evergreen than I’m used to in this sort of blend. Other ingredients listed also include red and white sandalwood, nutmeg and myrrh. This is quite spicy which at least to me tends to dilute the mellowness a bit but it does give it some nice aromatic qualities. But it is also a very adorable little bundle, just a few inches in length, and overall I think this one falls on the friendlier side of the fence.

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