Kuengacholing Peozokhang / Yellow Tara

We have already made a stop at Kuengacholing Peozokhang with their classic Bhutanese pink stick that bears the mark of Gelephu town. This somewhat longer Yellow Tara is an intriguing and very different, mildly spicy, heavy on the sandalwood stick that really does has some yellow associations. For instance I really couldn’t get the thoughts of a banana note out of my head. The pink “Gelephu” is a pretty well blended scent and so is this one, very homogenous throughout the burn. It actually reminds me a lot more of generic Nepali incenses except the ingredients here are a lot more resolute and there’s no feeling of filler wood in the mix. It’s got maybe a bit of a harsh campfire note on the outside but there’s so much sandalwood in it it never gets too heavy. And like most good Tibetan incenses there’s a fresh feeling to it, although I would guess this could be as much as some level of say saffron or rhodendron in the mix. It’s nicely done, more of a step away from traditional monastery incenses but also a little different for a Bhutanese stick.

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