White Lotus Incense at Mermade

Just a quick heads up here. White Lotus, who is one of the very best E.O. importers you can find and has a rock solid reputation for quality control , for a short time had their own incenses made under their guidance and supervision and using their oils. It seems they no longer want to do this and Mermade Magikal Arts is selling off the stock.

I rarely use this type of incense but all that I tried  smelled very good, no synthetics, very strong and clean. The Blue Lotus was very fun and since Lotus E.O. is pretty pricey, a real treat. The Agar Masala has a definite Agarwood/Oud scent riding on top of the Masala base.

I just noticed the Monsoon Rose is gone( really amazing), since I ordered about a week ago so I believe amounts are limeted.

Enjoy  -Ross