Okuno Seimeido Kunsui Ginsen [Reprint]

This will be my first review of the new year!
Today I will be reviewing Okuno Seimeido’s  Kunsui Ginsen, or  green incense – singing* selection. The stick is your standard brown and is listed as containing “aloeswood and Chinese medicinal herbs”. On first lighting, I smell a hit of salty aloeswood with a touch of pine, with a mid note of plum, and a touch of cassia, nutmeg and sweet spice in the background. Overall I would describe this stick as a mild, sweet, woody floral scent. It is definitely a pleasing aroma, If you are a fan of floral and spice I would definitely give this one a try.

*I think I translated this correct :/

Okuno Seimeido / Kanbai

Okuno Seimeido have a small series of aromas that include  aloeswood, sandalwood, violet and this winter plum flower incense known as Kanbai. Most of these can be found in stock at the Asakichi incense store in San Francisco, although not on line. The stick is red, comes in fairly large size bulk and tends to the floral side in the same manner as many Nippon Kodo, Daihatsu and Kunjudo modern incense aromas. It strikes something of a balance between the plum flower smell and a scent more overtly rose-like or generic floral. Like many inexpensive florals, this tends towards the bitter side in its aroma, although it doesn’t go as far as, say, some of the NK brands and will likely be found pleasant by those who like modern incenses in this style. While most of the aroma seems to come from a perfume, the scent it gives off is often reminiscent of fresh petals itself, which gives it a bit of an earthy subnote. Thanks to Pinjie for the sample!