Gurung Int’l / Black Pigeon Incense

As far as I can tell, Black Pigeon is the only incense exported to the US by Gurung International. It’s a long stick Tibetan style blend of 31 ingredients, with the lion’s share of those ingredients seeming to be evergreen and inexpensive woods. However, in the case of an incense with “western unfriendly” tendencies, this leavening of ingredients is not a bad thing.

Like the Essence of the Ages White Pigeon stick, there’s an earthy, tangy and somewhat funky herbal presence here that’s likely to be difficult for many westerners, except that in Black Pigeon’s case, these elements tend to be notes in the overall incense, rather than the dominant aroma as it is in White Pigeon. While White Pigeon is the superior incense in terms of quality ingredients, Black Pigeon is likely to be considered the more friendly scent, as the herbal content is shared with resinous and spicy notes that, while tending to make the scent a bit more generic, also make it a bit less difficult to grow to. While the juniper and cedar woods tend to lessen the overall impact, the slight spice (in the cinnamon direction) helps to give it some presence in what is a rather average Tibetan stick.