Sakya Monastery / Drogön Chögyal Phagpa Incense

Sakya Monastery’s Drogön Chögyal Phagpa Incense comes in a sturdy jade green-ish cylinder, although I noticed that the incense within is a bit fragile and there were some fragments (this is not uncommon nor meant to be a criticism so much as an indication of the tensile strength of the sticks). No ingredients are given in English, but for sure this is another monastery incense with some similarities to the overall Tibetan Monastery style as well as having some traits that are unique to this scent. I generally don’t find Tibetan monastery incenses too sweet, although I had recently wrapped up writing on Dhe-Tsang Monastery and nearly well said the same thing, but Phagpa incense seems to fall into a more well-rounded aromatic profile. While it has woods, a bit of evergreen scent, and a decent amount of musk, it also has a bit of sweet and spiciness that tends to bring out the wood contours of the incense more. Like most monastery incenses this has sandalwood, but it’s actually a bit more noticeable in the front on this one. Ditto the camphor, of which it seems to have a nice healthy share of. The description at speaks of this being a popular incense as well, which I could see just based on how genuinely friendly the scent is overall. It was strange too because when I first burned a couple sticks I didn’t notice the complexities to this as much, so if you check it out and feel the same, move your burner around a bit and see what happens.

I also felt the following picture with the cap off helps to show the dimensions of the cylinder a bit better as it tends to look a bit larger in the pictures. It’s starting to get a bit closer to a more high range incense in price, but I defintely think it earns it. It reminds me that in trying so many new-to-me monastery incenses of late just how much depth so many of them have and the high potential for any of them to become new favorites.