Tholing Monastery Incense

This somewhat shorter stick, blue cylindered incense is yet another very good Tibetan monastery blend. After trying a dozen and half of these over the last few months I’m starting to almost become overwhelmed at the quality level of them all. It feels like even the ones I have looked at and didn’t personally resonate with as much will be an incense a friend of the site will send me a note on saying they love it, and it just kind of leads me to the feeling that so many of these are so complex that even a few sticks might not be enough to uncover all their treasures. It is cultivating a “try them all” mentality with me.

Tholing Monastery Incense was one of those I liked right away straight out of the tube. It has a softness I’m not used to, at least while it doesn’t skimp on the multi-ingredient impact of its bouquet, which makes it almost instantly comforting. It seems largely more of an evergreen-juniper sort of blend at heart. What muskiness there is is also fairly mild and instead there feels like a sweetness that is born from the way resins and evergreen notes meld in a blend. The softness appears to be based on the way the sandalwood in the mix is weaved in as that wood content appears to back up most of the other notes, including the one note mentioned in the link description, clove. The more you burn this the more you’re likely to cycle through what is essentially a kaleidoscope of high-altitude delights while never feeling like any of them are competing with one another. In fact this may actually be one of the most balanced of the monastery incenses when it comes to getting everything at roughly the same level.