Zambala Company Ltd. / Khangdru Tibetan Incense

Khangdru Tibetan Incense is a traditional Tibetan incense that while not a fully high end or deluxe incense is still closer to the better traditional incenses. It comes in a rather large, long stick package with a ton of incense. The burn is mostly a combination of dry woods and a touch of musk that isn’t too overpowering. It is apparently “made with over 30 precious ingredients, including sandalwood and saffron — with several of the ingredients requiring processing over 12 days.” My nose does pick up a slight saffron hint, however the grade of sandalwood is certainly not the high end stuff. At $10 a roll it’s a pretty good deal because there’s a bit of depth and the packages are huge, I can imagine I probably won’t get through mine for many years. If you were to pick a Tibetan in the higher third quarter of tiered incenses, I think Khangdru would sit pretty comfortable there. It manages to get some depth out of what is kind of an airy and light incense, which is no mean feat.