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A Review of Air Sponge – The Odor Absorber

The ORS is dedicated to finding and reviewing the best incenses and letting our readers know about them. Incense can be a great way to refreshen a room, change the atmosphere, or mask unpleasant odors. However, sometimes strong scents or even scents of any kind are undesirable. Be it incense that you don’t particularly care for, burnt food, or your teenager’s unkempt stale smelling bedroom, or your husband’s musty old gymbag…etc. There are areas and/or rooms (i.e. the bathroom) that can require a neutralizing agent, where odor is removed.

Air Sponge is an odor neutralizer. It’s a great little product that comes in 8 oz (227 grams) round plastic containers. It can be used anywhere, and can remove virtually any odor. The write-up on the container states that it absorbs and removes odors caused by tobacco smoke, cooking odors, pet smells, paint fumes, cleaning solvents, detergents, wet carpets, fire damage, locker rooms, gasoline, sewer gases, mildew, and decay. Air Sponge is biodegradable too, and resembles poppy seeds encased in turquoise blue putty or play-doh. It won’t win any beauty contests that’s for sure, but then again, it wasn’t made for its looks, but for its ability to neutralize odor.

I’ve been using Air Sponge for months, and I do recommend the product. In the wintertime, my little apartment can get stuffy and smokey due to the various incenses that I’ve been burning. Opening the windows and letting fresh air in can be problematic as that it lets out the warm air, too. And with heating costs rising, opening up windows in the winter can be cost prohibitive. Similarly in the summertime, if you’re using an air conditioner, opening up the windows will let the cool air out and the warm air in! Therefore, if you need to neutralize odor and are unable to open your windows to let fresh air in and circulate in your home, then Air Sponge can be a nifty product to have on hand. It’s very simple to use, all you do is crack open the container, remove the lid, and place the Air Sponge in the area in which you want odors to be neutralized. Incidentally, one Air Sponge can cover an area of up to 300 square feet. Note that Air Sponge emits a faint floral soapy scent, rather reminiscent of Ivory or Jergens soap. The scent quickly fades, though.

There is also an Air Sponge spray, which comes in a 118 ml bottle. The spray works instantly, whereas the round containers of Air Sponge can take a little while to kick in. For example, if you badly burn food, and want to remove the burnt aroma right away, the spray is the better option to use.

Air Sponge is an American made product that is available in North America. It can be purchased in hardware stores, Walmart, Zellers, and even local grocery stores (look for it in the cleaning products aisle).  If you are outside North America, you can purchase Air Sponge online. Go to: