Aloeswood groups

There’s been some activity in our Ask the ORS thread lately regarding beginning areas to start a Japanese incense collection, which is something we’ve been intending to document on its own page for a while. In replying, I did sort of a basic breakdown of different aloeswood incense styles and thought I’d bring that part of the post over here for discussion in order to eventually make something like this as part of a basic starter document:

Sweet aloeswoods: Tennendo Renzan, Tennendo Kahin-Gold, Baieido Ensei Sweet Aloeswood, Kyukyodo Shiun, Baieido Kun Sho, Baieido Syukohkoku, Shunkohdo Zuika (maybe), Kunmeido Reiryo Koh Aloeswood, Nippon Kodo Jinko Juzan, Shoyeido Sei-fu, Baieido Kunsho Koh (maybe), Gyokushodo Jinko Hoen, Nippon Kodo Kohden Sweet Aloeswood, Nippon Kodo Zuiun, Seijudo Shiragiku
Spicy aloeswoods: Tennendo Kuukai, Tennendo Tensei, Tennendo Johin-Bronze, Baieido Ensei Spicy Aloeswood, Baieido Koh En, Baieido Tokusen Syukohkoku, Gyokushodo Jinko Yomei, Gyokushodo Samei Koh, Nippon Kodo Kohden Spicy Aloeswood, Shoyeido Shun-Yo
Green aloeswoods: Shunkohdo Yoshino No Haru, Kunmeido Heian Koh, Kunmeido Asuka, Shoyeido Ga Ho, Shoyeido Kyojiman, Shoyeido Misho, Shoyeido Horin Gen-roku, Tennendo Shorin (maybe)
Floral aloeswoods: Shunkohdo Haru No Kaori, Kyukyodo Asuza
Spikenard aloeswoods: Shoyeido Nan Kun, Shoyeido Horin Muro-machi, Tennendo Enkuu-Horizon (maybe)
Blends: Baieido Kai Un Koh, Baieido Tokusen Kobunboku, Baieido Kaden Kobunboku, Baieido Tobiume, Shunkohdo Ka Cho Fu Getsu, Tennendo Karafune Yuhin-Silver