Keigado / Purple Magnolia

From what I can tell with English information, Keigado mostly do three styles of incense: floral blends including smokeless scents, two different meditation long sticks and a standard called Full Moon. Undoubtedly their Japanese catalog is deeper.

In question seems to be one of the only non-smokeless floral incenses, Purple Magnolia. Given 370 3 inch sticks for $16.00-18.00, this is a very inexpensive blend, one that blends a floral and somewhat earthy scent with a backing of slight spice. Purple when it comes to incense invokes for me both violet and spice, and I’m reminded of unusual spice masalas that have an almost Crayola-like note. While Purple Magnolia doesn’t have the same note, the slight spice hints make this a little more alluring than it would be if this was just your average wood-and-flower.

I’m not sure how much this actually smells like purple magnolias or any magnolias for that matter, but it’s very user friendly with just a slight exotic tinge that gives it a bit of character. Ask your supplier for a sampler, as although they don’t seem to retail, it’s how I came across this.