Three Spice Blends

These are all gathered within the “spice” category of incense blends. They are all different and also different enough from other company’s offerings to be worth a look.  They won’t break the bank and would make great gifts to beginning as well as experienced users.

Daihatsu Bodaiju
This is listed as pure sandalwood and cinnamon. I can taste the Sandalwood, but must admit that the cinnamon is unlike any I have smelled before. However I am basing that on my experiences with the various Baieido blends that use cinnamon or cassia. It has a very nice spice brisk almost peppery quality to it and along those lines is really a winner. I believe there are some pretty high quality E.O’s at work in here also. There are none of the harsh or off scents that signify synthetics to me, so the overall feeling is one of a fresh, clean and lively blend. I think the green color of the stick sort of sums’ it up nicely.
It comes in a rather elegant black and gold box and would make a great gift

Keigado Kaori( Third Down)
This is a green Sandalwood stick with honey overtones riding over it all. The honey plays within the middle and top notes while the base is a great herb and sharp spice blend. It is a very interesting mix because the scents keep moving back and forth as to which is calling out the most from moment to moment. Warm overall tone, with lots of Essential Oils playing their part, this stick smells wonderful even unlit. Nice way to set the vibe of a room with a warm, cozy and clean atmosphere. Again, a nicely done box and a great gift item.

Awaji-Baikundo Shoujou
This is part of Awaji-Baikundo’s Hydrangea Tea series, which I find myself really drawn to. The tea seems to provide a whole extra level of ( for lack of a better term ) goodness.
There are a lot of different spices and oils at work here, you can tell as soon as you open the box. It is spicy, sweetish and almost floral yet never cloying or “soapy” as sometimes happens in these kinds of blends. At times I seem to pick up an almost tobacco note with the overall impression being a mix that is very grounding and very clean. I think the addition of the hydrangea tea tends to push the scent towards a brighter note. Their products all seem to make statements based on the different blends healing qualities. Great stuff from what is becoming one of my favorite companies.

Awaji-Baikundo / Jihi

Jihi from Awaji-Baikundo uses hydrangea tea as one of the main components of this incense. It seems to me that it adds a rather clear and bright quality to the scent. There are three kinds to choose from. SHOUJOU, which I believe may be just the hydrangea tea and some spice, Byakudan, which adds Sandalwood and the one I ended up getting, Jihi, which has a major Amber note to it. There is also a big Borneol Camphor presence ( you can really tell when you open the box ). Taken all together this combination makes for a very unique and interesting incense. This is not the regular sultry Indian Amber I was expecting, it has a much lighter, cleaner almost fresher scent then any other Amber based, well anything, then I have experienced before. I find myself really liking this one. It is the sort of thing I would burn for special moments or to set a certain mood or vibration in a room (or me for that matter). It’s not inexpensive, yet because I find that I really enjoy the particular style of Amber that it presents it will be something that I keep a stock of. It has the unique factor in spades.
Most likely I will find myself ordering the other two because the hydrangea tea aspect intrigues me no end. So much so that I am checking out my neighbor’s plants and am contemplating a raid :0 )