Zhayang Nunnery Incense

This wee little cylinder of incense packs quite a bit of an aromatic punch. I’ve only encountered a few nunnery incenses in my travels but they all seem to have in common shorter sticks while being surprisingly concentrated in strength. Zhayang Nunnery Incense is a bit of a tangy brew. Sandalwood and saffron are listed and at the heart of the scent lies a very strong woody presence. But this list of only two ingredients seems to bely a much more complicated aromatic range and covers a lot of spicy and herbal notes as well. The saffron feels a bit milder in the mix than it usually is, probably somewhere on the same level as the musk notes. I really can’t say enough about how high quality the woods smell on this one, they’re just really bold and defined. It isn’t too far over into the evergreen camp, so the sandalwood feels as prominent as what I’d assume is some very nice juniper wood. Anyway this is a really fresh and pleasant blend. It reminds me of some older reviews I did on maybe Nepali lines like Stupa with the tanginess, and so I wanted to point it out as I have not encountered this sort of tendency in my last say dozen reviews. Zhyang Nunnery incense is very affordable, but of course part of that is because it’s not as high a gram count as some of the big batches are. But the quality speaks for itself.