Yamdamatsu / Fujitsubo

Fujitsubo appears to be the short stick version of the coil; however, it should be noted that the wisteria note is only listed on the stick, while the coil gets sandalwood and flower. I actually ended up with these trying to restock all of the line’s coils, and since this coil was unavailable at the time (in most cases I tend to prefer coils over sticks when given the choice) I was happy to have a secondary option. I will note however that the stick appears to be very close to the description of the coil. This is a highly perfumed, modern stick, in fact very different from much of Yamadamatsu’s more traditional line and much more along the line of what used to be a mid-end Shoyeido Floral World until the company shook up the line and reverted much of it to inferior incenses. I’m not sure this is a pure wisteria stick overall even if it makes up a large part of the bouquet and would definitely agree with the previous review that there are both lavender and vanilla hints in the mix, in fact this is not a particularly surprising thing to do when trying to stretch a rarer floral note in a more inexpensive incense. Overall these sticks pack very large aromatic wallops, in fact they might almost be best as a quick freshener set in the back in order to permeate the room and come back to it, to allow the intensity to settle more. It reminds me a little of Baieido’s Izume or Kunmeido’s Hosen in that sense. It’s probably a bit more pleasant than your average commercial air freshener but seems to be geared to do the same thing.