Kyarazen Monthly Newletter

Kyarazen posts a more or less monthly digest of informative articles, covering everything from fine tea to fine agarwood. I found this months to be most informative and timely, covering the two obvious lines of soil agarwoods on the market, as well as in depth information and pictures of what you should be looking for when you put large amounts of money out for wood which in many cases is coming from 1000’s of miles away with a “no return” policy. The article clearly points out how to tell the difference between what used to be traded as opposed to what is being sold in the last few years as meager copies. While many incense users only notice this as a decline in the quality of the incense stick they used to love, it was most noticeable in the quality of wood being sold out of Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and today, even from Japan as the last of the old logs are consumed. While I got to see only a sampling of this decline during my 25+ years of trading in the wood, it is hard to beat Kyarazen’s view from Ground 0, so to speak, in Singapore, as well as the vast amount of research that he has done over the years. I really appreciated seeing the pictures of what is no longer possible to obtain (barring a lottery win, inheritance, etc.), as well as concise and easy to understand information. The article can be read here

Advertisement closes its doors (so to speak)

I really had planned on doing a review of two of the latest creations from Simon at Aluwwah, one of my favorite creators of Bakhoors, later this week, but it has come to my attention that due to health concerns, Al Misky has decided to turn his attentions elsewhere. As a result, he will be shutting down his web site soon, so if you are wishing to grab what little remains on his shelves, better act fast. I have really enjoyed his ovine line of Bakhoors, from the deep, musky Sheep’s Breath, to the mellow Lamb’s Breath. While I have yet to heat the Black Pine Dragon (its breath through the bag makes me fear that it may have eaten the sheep), I believe it could be his best yet. Details later this week when I review both it and the Bakhoor Majlis B. Also, as the area of Agarwood is so large, I would like some input as to what areas of interest/preference that readers here would like to discuss.

Musk content in present stock of Tibetan Incense at EOTA

I have been asked quite a bit recently about the content of the musk in the present stock of Tibetan Incense at Essence of the Ages, and I would like to take this chance to clarify the issue, as well as why it came up. I recently received a box of samples from China, by request, of the better known high end Tibetans, well known in the past to have contained musk as an ingredient. I love burning a partial stick of same to start my incense enjoying day, as I find that it seems to clear my nose, or at least put my head in the right place. Imagine my shock when I found that the Holy Land and Nectar(priced over there higher than the Holy Land), as well as the Highland, which as we know lost its musk sometime ago, appear to also now be devoid of any musk. The person sending me this box had just returned from a 3 month buying expedition throughout China and Tibet to stock his shop. The remaining stock that Beth has at EOTA was purchased over 1 year ago, and I and my wallet can personally attest to the fact that what she has contains musk in good quantity. Sorry for you lovers of the Lotus Ground, but the supply of that is now gone and it is unknown when supplies will be restocked(it took over a year and a half last time). The Mindroling sticks are also all gone, so your best bet for a touch of musk may be the few remaining boxes of Holy Land, Nectar, Samye, or the powders. I wouldn’t count on anything new coming in being quite so good.

New Contributor

Thanks to those olfactory geniuses who have preceded me for allowing me the opportunity to contribute here.  ORS can be blamed for my addiction to Tibetan Incense, may it rest in its former glory, as well as my fascination with Japanese incense that is beyond my meager earnings.  My area of expertise lies mainly with agarwood, not that I consider myself an “expert”.  I do dabble with crafting of heatable incense in my spare time.  Once again, thanks, Mike, Ross, Marian, etc. for letting me join the crew.

New contributor

I’d like to welcome Gregg King to the Olfactory Rescue Service staff. I’m sure our long time readers have noticed many of his informative comments on our threads and we’re pleased he’s agreed to contribute. Everyone say hello! 🙂