Aajudyo Dhupayan Rope Incense

You can find this incense as the seventh item on this page.

Rope incense is as new to me as a week or two and like any different style, it takes a bit of time to get used to it. This is especially so with rope incense, which is basically powdered aromatic materials in rice paper braided together so that the top loop can hang on a rope incense burner hook. It takes a bare spark to get the whole thing going and when it does it burns fast and very smoky, especially the bigger your rope.

And of all the ropes I tried out in my starter package, so to speak, these Aajudyo Dhupayan ropes are probably twice as large as the rest. They put off almost enough smoke to trigger my smoke alarm, although not quite. They come packaged with the terrifying visage of the sky god himself, fangs and all, and it all exudes power, not least of all the unburnt ropes themselves which smell delightfully of camphor wood.

Burning, the camphor smell isn’t dominant but one note in a symphony of aromatics. I get quite a bit of vanilla mixed in with what smells like tobacco or sagey characteristics and the whole incense is so overwhelmingly potent that it started setting off little intuitive impressions. The vanilla/camphor in front it gives it a somewhat stately presence, although the predominant smoke often works to cloud the overall aroma, and it’s recommended one make sure your space is ventilated appropriately first, as there’s quite a bit of play beneath the surface with the extra herbs.

If you’re new to ropes, you might want to try a smaller and mellower one first, but if you can handle a lot of smoke, this is well worth trying as it seems to have both aromatic and energetic qualities in abundance.